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Alistair Brown is a musician / composer born in Montpellier, France with scottish origins. During his studies at the American School of Modern Music and the CIM in Paris he discovered world music and collaborated with koreans, guineans, reunionese musicians and many more. In 2013, he settled in Edinburgh in Scotland, played in a few rock bands and began composing.


Back in France, he met the guitarist Antoine Duclos and played in the popular venues of Toulouse. Alistair discovered Tunisia during a visit there and was inspired by the oriental life style. The album « Landscape » emerged from his collaboration with Antoine and is entirely composed by the artist. It is like a sensual mix between East and West.


Looking for new inspirations, He moved to Manila in the Philippines. There Alistair was a regular at the Tago Jazz Cafe in Quezon City where he met inspiring musicians like the guitarist Tim Cada and the drummer Nelson Gonzales. During the day Alistair spent his time composing.

2016, Kathmandu, Nepal, he composes his 2nd album « Goobye Manila » released the 12th april 2018. the album is written as a road movie : heart touching and spatial, with shades of blues.

Today Alistair works between Montpellier and Paris. Returning to the sources of occidental music.

He recently released a classical minimalist album in collaboration with the pianist Mathias Bourre 

"Piano works"

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